A Special Invitation


Now here is a special INVITATION

As a “practicing” Catholic, current research indicates that there is at least one person…husband, wife, son, daughter, brother,  sister, grandma, grandpa, classmate, cousin, aunt, uncle, co-worker, neighbor, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancés, and/or friend whose “faith journey is seeking a defined path” to God.”  

Let’s talk…                                                                                                                                       

Loretta O’Neill, RCIA Advisor, © 201-0493  or email: teddy2004@comcast.net


Jude Schlager, RCIA Coordinator, ©449-8376 or email: jude@schlagerupholstery.com

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults ( RCIA) explores the Catholic faith…asking questions, discussing answers, and  seeking one’s  path to God.

RCIA : It’s an on-going “journey”… by which one can answer  GOD’s INVITATION  !

RCIA  is an on-going “journey” of identifying just what comprises the Catholic faith and what is involved in being a “practicing” Catholic.


I’m interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and becoming a “practicing” Catholic:

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