Catholic Heart Work Camp


During the summer, for the past seven years, youth of our parish and adult chaperones have participated in Catholic Heart Workcamp, a week of volunteer service. To date, we have participated in CHWC in Champaign, IL (2008); Toledo, Ohio (2009); Providence, RI (2010); Betsy Layne, KY (2011); Magnolia, DE (2012); Roanoke,VA (2013); Greensboro, NC (2014); and North Arlington, NJ (2015).
Youth and adults who go to CHWC do volunteer work in the community they are serving. In small teams, they serve individuals, organizations, and ministries. Work includes general house-keeping duties such as cleaning, washing windows, gardening; construction (from constructing ramps for handicap access to building houses); working with children (VBS, tutoring, summer camps).
To go to CHWC, youth must be entering at least Grade 8 in the upcoming school year, pay an initial non-refundable registration fee, agree to participate in fund-raisers or pay the remaining camp cost, including extra for travel expenses, be in relatively good physical, mental, and emotional health, and be able to endure the commitment and rigors of a long work week away from home, often in hot, humid conditions.
For more information about CHWC, go to If interested, contact Jasmine Maloney at or call 872-2166.  
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HISTORY OF Catholic Heart Workcamp

Catholic Heart Workcamp began in Florida with a married couple who served as youth ministers in their home parish. Steve and Lisa Walker wanted to provide their own teenaged children, and those in the parish, with an experience of volunteering to serve others as Jesus did. They found there were many other Christian denominations offering work camps, but there was not one that was CATHOLIC. Therefore, they created a workcamp in 1993 at St. Margaret Mary Church in Winter Park, FL.

The first year, there were 100 campers. Since then, CHWC has grown, in the summer of 2010, to 11,000 participants. CHWC’s vision for the future is clear; to listen closely to the Lord and continue to grow in the direction that God desires; after all, this is God’s creation and we are faithful stewards. We want to continue offering quality service camps, serve people in need, and spiritually enrich the lives of workcamp participants. Most importantly, CHWC wants to provide young people and those served opportunities to experience God’s love in a profound way!


First: To share the love of Jesus and serve the neglected, brokenhearted and marginalized in any way needed. The Catholic HEART Workcamp mission is to revitalize communities and beautify homes for the elderly, disabled and those who cannot afford needed repairs. Our goal is to inspire participants to serve in their local communities.

Second: To empower participants to live as disciples of Christ through serving others. To foster the spiritual growth of each participant through the sacraments, Catholic faith sharing and prayer.